DeafVirast is a healthcare company that believes strongly in choice for its employees and the people it serves.

Deaf Virtual Assistants (DVA) is a family of companies working together with to provide health, happiness and hope to everyone we serve.

DVA works around the clock to be available for our patients. We are passionate about providing the highest levels of care, choice and independence for those we serve. DVA works closely together with DisHealthCare which is a healthcare company that believes strongly in choice for its employees and the people it serves. We offer quality, highly personalized, specialized, and cost-effective care, empowering individuals to function independently and live their best possible lives. Through a wide range of innovative services referred to as DVA’s Circle of Care, skilled, dedicated employees ensure that the people served are active participants in their own care.


Developmental Disabilities

At DVA, we understand the unique and specialized needs of those with developmental disabilities and have built our comprehensive developmental disability services model to support individuals regardless of their situation. We take the time to get to know each person and tailor our support based on their personal needs and goals, whether that be hands-on community involvement or care in their home.


Behavioral & Health

We specialize in behavioral & health treatment for nursing facilities, individuals with visual, hearing and intellectual developmental disabilities; those who are deaf, hard of hearing, deaf/low vision or deafblind, blind, visually impaired, or Autism; those with CODAS; families and couples; and the aging population. We understand that psychiatric and behavioral health care needs to be easily accessible, comprehensive and individualized. At DVA, we have the resources and expertise needed to properly manage the complexities of psychiatric and behavioral care, enabling you to live your best life possible.



Through our DVA Hospice program, we provide in-home medical care and other comforts to people with life-limiting illnesses. We created DVA Hospice to make a difference – a difference in every life touched by serious illness. We’ll bring a very special kind of care into your life and the lives of those you love.


Care Tailored to You

Together with you, your family and your physician, we’ll create a plan of care completely tailored for your lifestyle, goals and wishes. You or your loved one no longer have to worry about going to the hospital and the high

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