(dis)Ability Manpower provides hope, so whether you’re a job seeker, an employer or you want to work at a fresh, new disability provider, choose (dis)Ability Manpower – we’re bigger than employment.

Business results with a social impact 

Deaf Virtual Assistants as well as Disability ManPower are part of the Virtual Assistants Group which is giving a lot of effort to make your life easier.
Individually yours! We never treat anyone like a number. We find different paths for every job seeker that comes through our doors, with staff trained in supporting you as an individual regardless of language, cultural background, or age. Practice makes perfect! The best practice is just the beginning. From personal challenges to business needs, we apply the latest learnings to get you results.

The company offers four assistive technology products and supporting professional job seeking services, including the recently launched 1.6 platform. Over the course of the last 8+ years, we have helped hundreds of thousands of job seekers and Companies.

As the global pandemic drives educators of all kinds to seek out new solutions for better remote learning, has experienced a growth in student signups. Their online solutions allow students to progress at their own pace, and support the ongoing paradigm shift toward student-driven education. This solution fits also well all the students with some kind of disability who is willing to graduate but can not travel to the university.

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