Silent Call Medallion Series Vibra-Call 3 Body Worn Transmitter

Portable— alerts to emergencies, calls and more!

  • Alerts to phone calls, doorbells, sounds, weather alerts, fire, smoke, and other emergencies
  • Notifies the type of alert with distinctive pulse patterns
  • Works with all Medallion Series 418 Mhz Transmitters and operates with million-code technology
  • Clips to belt, waistband, or place in pocket for freedom of movement around the home, office, or outside
  • Features Silent Call 5-Year Limited Warranty



The Medallion Series Vibra-call 3 body-worn portable receiver is designed for people who are deaf and blind. A series of distinct vibration patterns distinguish between doorbells and phone calls, and other notifications. Recharges overnight in a charger/docking station, and notifies to incoming signals even while napping or sleeping by activating a bed vibrator. In the event of a power failure, the Vibra-Call 3 Docking Port will automatically enter into battery backup mode.

Includes receiver, leather pouch, charger/docking station, and bed vibrator for night time notification.

Frequency: 418 MHz
Main power: Input AC 120v/Output 17.2VDC 0.8A, 13.7W
Port battery backup: 12 VDC, 350 mAh


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