Bellman Visit Bed Shaker

Alerts You When You’re Asleep

  • Great for nighttime safety
  • Vibration awakens you to signals/alarms
  • Use with any Bellman receiver
  • Place under your pillow or mattress
  • Includes 6.5-ft. long cable



Simply connect the Bellman Visit Bed Shaker to any of the receivers in the Bellman system and place it under your pillow or mattress. When it receives a signal, it will vibrate and wake you up. Great for the deaf and hearing impaired.

The Bed Shaker can be used with the Bellman Visit Portable Receiver, the Pager (when mounted on Charger,) the Flash Receiver and the Alarm clock. Dimensions: 3.5 x 1. Cable is 6.5 ft. Color: White.


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