Motion Sensor and Pager- One to One System

Alerts caregivers of motion detected near patient

  • Motion sensor signals pager when movement is detected
  • Great for use at bedside and in doorways
  • Eliminate in-room alarm noise
  • Convenient, easy-to-install wireless technology
  • Includes one motion sensor and one pager



Eliminate in-room alarm noise with a motion sensor that sends a wireless signal to a pager, as well as to the Central Monitor Unit (if connected), alerting caregivers to activity that may require their attention.

With motion sensors, you can maintain effective awareness of resident activities without having to use sensor pads, pull-string monitors, or floor mats. The motion sensor can be mounted next to the bed to detect movement of the patient/resident, or by a doorway to monitor exit. When the patient/resident gets up and movement is detected, a signal is sent to the pager and to a connected Central Monitoring Unit (not included) to alert the caregiver.

The Smart Caregiver TL-5102MP Motion Sensor-Pager System includes one (1) Motion Sensor and one (1) Caregiver Pager.

90 Day Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty


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