Home Alert System – CentralAlert Signaler (CA360)

Get instant alerts for household sounds and alarms

  • Stay safe and connected at home
  • Developed through hundreds of hours of research by leading audiologists and emergency specialists
  • Not just a hearing impaired doorbell: this alert unit connects to wireless alert sensors, making it a smart information hub for your home



This amazing home alert system features a wireless doorbell for home use as well as a bed shaker. What’s more, this remote doorbell unit also features a flashing notification light so you can be alerted of the wireless bell when someone’s at your door even if you can’t hear the loud doorbell ringing. More than just a bed alarm and a wireless doorbell chime, the alert unit is rechargeable and fully portable throughout the home; use it as a bedroom doorbell when you’re in your room and then take your portable doorbell out to the yard – never miss another package delivery again!
What’s more, this home alert unit can connect to a number of wireless alert sensors, transforming it into a smart information hub for your home such as an emergency alert system specifically for seniors and hard of hearing folks. Connects to NOAA warning systems, smoke and gas sensors, baby monitors and more.


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